TEJ3M/4M – Oct 27, 2014

The grade 12’s (TEJ4M) were to continue with their “race bots” using lego mindstorm.  They are to build a race car of their own design that will be timed in the hall for 30 tiles (the tiles equal to 30ft in length).  The students were supposed to have their robots completed and their 3 times recorded by the end of class on Thur Oct 23 but ran into a number of technical difficulties.  I told the students that I would give them extension for this activity, so they have until the end of class today to finish before they move on to the next activity.

The grade 11’s (TEJ3M) were to then make the 3 introductory circuits last week (some students are already finished but there are still a number that have to finish).  The introductory circuits they are to make on the breadboard trainer are: 1.) a series circuit; 2.) a parallel circuit; 3.) a series & parallel circuit.  I showed the students examples a few weeks ago on the digital projector for all 3 of these circuits.  When the students complete each of these circuits, they are to call me over to take a picture of their circuit with the iPad.   Those students that complete the 3 introductory circuits above, are to complete the next 3 circuits.  These 3 circuits are: 4.) 3 Resistors & 3 LED’s; 5.) 7-Segment LED Display; 6.) double 7-Segment LED Display;.  For the “3 Resistors & 3 LED’s”, the students have to calculate the resistance for each resistor using the resistance example I gave them a few weeks ago (you will find a copy of this below).  For the 7 segment LED, the students have to make the number 8 and for the double 7 segment LED, the students have to spell the word “hi”.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Lego NXT robots using NXC tutorial – Part 1 (this is the coding examples for the “Bricx Command Centre” software – The TEJ4M students only)

Race Car Bot Times (examples) (these are examples of the race bots my students completed in previous years and the times they received for 30 tiles – The TEJ4M students only)

Example of 7 Segment LED & Double 7 Segment LED (I did this example in class today on the white board to help those students that are ahead do the 7 segment LED and double 7 segment LED)

Example of the double 7 Segment LED (I showed the students this example today  in class using the breadboard trainer on the digital projector to help the students)

Examples using the Breadboard (Parallel, Series & Parallel Series Circuits) (I showed this to the students in class so they knew the expectations – TEJ3M only)

Examples using the Breadboard (3 Resistors & 3 LED’s and 7-Segment LED Display) (I showed this to the students in class so they knew the expectations – TEJ3M only)

Resistance Example (the students can use this example to help them calculate the resistance of each resistor they are using for the “3 Resistors & 3 LED’s” circuit – TEJ3M students only)

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