TEJ3M/4M – Sept 5, 2014


I began the class today by reminding the students that their assignment they were assigned on Wed Sept 3 titled “Computer Hardware Terms Assignment” was due at the start of today’s class.  Students were to submit their assignments electronically to the hand-in folder or they could email their assignment to me (abawa@office.ldcsb.on.ca).  I also mentioned to students that if they didn’t hand in their assignments from this past week that they can still hand it in to me.  After talking to the students about their assignments, I then went over with the students what I wanted them to work on today.  The students were supposed to pick a partner yesterday and also a computer with which they are going to take apart to get at the motherboard.  Once the students have taken the motherboard out, I gave them a reference sheet with which they are to label the motherboard using sticky notes.  Once the group has labeled as much as they can, they are to call me over so I can take a picture of their labeled motherboard for a completion mark.  The students can then try to put their motherboard back into the computer and also try to add other parts back in the computer to see if they can put it back together again.  On Monday I will go over some of the terms the students were exposed to today for the motherboard.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Motherboard Labeled (this sheet is to be used as a reference to help the students label their motherboard)

General List of Various Computer Parts (this sheet is to be used as a reference to help the students put their computer back together again)

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