MCF3M – Jan 5, 2015

I began the class today by going over the last lesson we did which was on Dec 18 on the digital projector.  I wanted to make sure that I reviewed the concepts before moving on today because they were related to today’s lesson (the lesson was titled 6.2 Sinusoidal Behaviour and I specifically reviewed period, equation of axis and amplitude).  After reviewing the material, I then moved on to the new lesson today which was titled “6.3 Investigating the Sine Function”.  I again wrote the formulas for period, equation of axis and amplitude and then showed the students what the parent function for the sine graph looked like (y = sinx).  After going over some key concepts of the sine function (y = sinx), I then gave the students homework to work on for the remainder of the period (page 378 #1 & 2 and pages 339 to 341 #1 to 4).  I also mentioned to those students that were away on Dec 18 that they should do the homework questions from that day if they hadn’t previously done them (pages 330 to 333 #1, 6 to 10).  I will take up any questions the students have from today’s homework at the start of class tomorrow.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Dec 18 – Lesson – 6.2 Periodic Behaviour (this is the lesson from Dec 18 which I went over on the digital projector at the start of class)

Dec 18 – Lesson – 6.2 Periodic Behaviour (continued) (this is a blank copy of the handout I gave the students on Dec 18)

Dec 18 – Lesson – 6.2 Periodic Behaviour (continued) – filled in answers (these are the answers to the handout from Dec 18). (this is the “ferris wheel” applet I showed the students on Dec 18)

Jan 5 – Lesson – 6.3 Investigating the Sine Function

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