TEJ3M/4M – Dec 18, 2014


Christmas Assembly Revised Schedule for the Day (Dec 19)

A majority of the class (both the grade 11’s TEJ3M and grade 12’s TEJ4M) were finished their summative projects (this is the first half of the final project in this class, the second part the students will get when they return from the Christmas break).  I told the students that they would again be broken up into 2 groups and would be starting new units.  The grade 11’s (TEJ3M) would be starting the robotics unit using the lego mindstorm kits and the grade 12’s (TEJ4M) would be starting the electronics unit (arduino kits).  You will find more specific instructions for each group below.

The grade 11’s (TEJ3M) were to work with the lego mindstorms robotics kits (students are working in pairs of 2 for this unit).  I asked the students to read the pdf instructions for building their first robot.  This pdf was titled “Express Bot Driving Base – Step By Step”.  Once the students were finished building this robot, they were to read over the pdf titled “Lego NXT robots using NXC tutorial – Part 1″.  I asked the students to write the code for “The First Program” using the program called “Bricx Command Centre”.  Once the students were able to do the first program I then asked them to write code to have their robot move forward for 4 seconds, stop, turn left, stop and then go forward for another 4 seconds.  I then made a track for the students using electric tape and told the students that I would like them code for this track.  Once the students have finished coding this track I will take a video of a successful run of the track.

The grade 12’s (TEJ4M) were to work with the arduino kits (students are working individually for this unit).  The Ardunio software is installed on the school computers so they do not have to bring in their own laptops.  I gave the students a document titled “MEGA2560 Stater Kit Tutoral” which has all of the tutorials the students will need to complete the various circuits.  I told them to do “Chapter 3 Blink LED”, “Chapter 4 PWM”, “Chapter 6 Traffic Light LED” and “Chapter 7 Buzzer” for now from the “MEGA2560 Stater Kit Tutoral” document.  Once the students have finished a tutorial that with a working circuit I will take a picture or video of a successful circuit.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

TEJ3M & TEJ4M – List of students work not submitted (updated) (The students can look at this list to see which assignments/worksheets they still need to hand in. Students MUST tell me when they hand something in so I can update the list)

Express Bot Driving Base – Step By Step (instructions for building their first robot – the TEJ3M students only)

Lego NXT robots using NXC tutorial – Part 1 (this is the coding examples for the “Bricx Command Centre” software – The TEJ3M students only)

First Track for Lego Mindstorm Robotics  (the students have to code their bot so it goes around a track similar to this track 2 times – TEJ3M students only)

MEGA2560 Starter Kit Tutorial (this document contains the tutorials the students will be working on with the arduino board – TEJ4M students only)

http://arduino.cc/en/main/software (this is the link to the site where you can download the arduino software – TEJ4M students only)

Arduinio Blinking Light (Chapter 3) Picture Example (I showed this to the students in class to help them set up their arduino board with the laptop and breadboard trainer – TEJ4M students only)

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