MFM1P – Dec 10, 2014

I am away from all of my classes today (Dec 10), but will return back to school tomorrow (Dec 11). Please see the instructions below for today’s work.

Seating Plan:

MFM1P Seating Plan copy

1.)     For those of you that did not do the EQAO package I gave out yesterday after the test, then I would like you to do this first. I will take up the answers to this package at the start of class tomorrow. Those students that were away, there are extra copies of the EQAO package by the window (next to the textbooks). Once you have finished the EQAO package, I would like you to get your textbook and read pages 191 to 193 and page 195. Read through the examples on these pages. This is the material for the next unit we will be working on which is section 6.1 Recognizing Linear Relations. Once you have read the examples, I would like you to try to do Pages 194 to 196 #1 to 7. I will do a lesson on this tomorrow so if you don’t finish, I will re-assign this for homework tomorrow. Email me directly if you have any questions (

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

EQAO Practice Questions – Graphing Relations – Part 3 (this is homework from yesterday so do this first before doing anything else today)

Chapter 6 Linear Relations – pages 190 – 250 (Students are to do the following questions for homework today – first read Pages 191 to 193 & 195, then try Pages 194 to 196 #1 to 7 – from section 6.1 Recognizing Linear Relations)

Answers for the homework assigned for today (here are the answers for Pages 194 to 196 #1 to 7 – from section 6.1 Recognizing Linear Relations)

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