MFM1P – Dec 2, 2014

I began the class today by showing the students how to use Microsoft Excel to create a Scatter Plot, Line of Best Fit and Curve of Best Fit.  This is useful for the students especially when doing homework and finding trends, finding specific data within the given data (interpolating data) or predicting data (extrapolating data).  I did a few examples from the textbook using Excel to show the students how useful it was (A copy of the Excel examples can be found below).  After the examples I then told the students that we would be starting a new lesson today which was titled “5.4 Graphing Linear Relations”.  I first did a few examples to try to get the students to understand what a linear relationship was using data and then graphing the data.  Once I finished the examples, I then assigned the homework for the students to work on for the remainder of the period (Pages 171 to 174 #1 to 5).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Example using Microsoft Excel for Scatter Plots, Line of Best Fit and Curve of Best Fit (I did page 168 #2bde & #3bcde) (this is a youtube video showing how to create a scatter plot and a line of best fit/curve of best fit) (this link shows the students how to add text to the x and y axis in an excel document)

Dec 2 – Graphing Lesson – 5.4 Linear Relations

Chapter 5 Graphing Relations – pg. 146 – 188 (Students are to do the following questions for homework today – Pages 171 to 174 #1 to  – from section 5.4)

Answers for the homework assigned for today (here are the answers for Pages 171 to 174 #1 to 5 – from section 5.4)

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