MFM1P – Nov 27, 2014

I began the class by taking up any questions the students had from yesterday’s homework.  There were a few questions the students asked me to take up which I took up on the black board.  I also took up the questions from the worksheet titled “Scatter Graphs” on the digital projector.   After taking up the questions, I then moved on to the new lesson for today which was titled “5.3 Curve of Best Fit”.  This lesson is related to the one we did yesterday titled “5.2 Line of Best Fit” (the concept if very similar).  I was only able to get part way through the lesson today so I mentioned to the students that we would continue our lesson on “5.3 Curve of Best Fit” tomorrow.  There was NO homework assigned for today’s class.  I will assign the homework for section 5.3 tomorrow.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Take-up of the homework from Nov 26 (Page 148 to 150 #1 & 3)

Scatter Graphs Worksheet Answers

Nov 27 – Lesson – 5.3 Curve of Best Fit (we only got thorough part of the lesson today and will continue with this lesson tomorrow – there was no homework assigned)

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