MFM1P – Nov 24, 2014

The students had their Chapter 3 (Relationships in Geometry) unit test today (Test #3).  I told the students they had the entire period to write the test if they needed it.  Once the students were finished their test they were to work on the worksheet titled “Graphing Pictures Worksheet” (there is a copy of the worksheet with answers below).  The students have to plot the (x, y) points on a graph and they will get the picture that is under each title.  I told the students that I wanted them to only do the pictures for the bird and the boat.  This plotting points activity is an intro into our next unit which is Chapter 5 Graphing Relations.  We will start the first lesson in chapter 5 tomorrow titled “5.1 Interpreting Scatter Plots”.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Graphing Pictures Worksheet with Answers (the students are to only do the bird and the boat)

Example of plotting points on an xy coordinate plane (I put this example on the black board to help the students with the graphing pictures worksheet)

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