MCF3M – Nov 14, 2014

I am away from all of my classes today (Nov 14), but will return back to school on Monday (Nov 17).  Please see the instructions below for today’s work.

Seating Plan:

MCF3M Seating Plan copy

1.)     If you did not finish the homework from yesterday (Page 408 & 409 #6 – 9, 11 & 12), then you should do this before working on anything else.  After you finish yesterday’s work, I would like you to work on Page 419 #1 to 3 (section 7.2 & 7.3 – mid chapter review) and  Page 444 #1 to 3 (section 7.2 & 7.3 – chapter review). I will be checking homework on Monday so please have your work finished.  I will continue with a new lesson on section 7.4 Working with Rational Exponents on Monday as well.

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