TEJ3M/4M – Nov 6, 2014

I am away from all of my classes today (Nov 6), but will return back to school tomorrow (Nov 7). Please see the instructions below for today’s work.

Seating Plan:

TEJ3M4M - Seating Plan copy

1.)     There are 2 assignments below which I would like you to work on and complete in class on your own today (this is not a group activity).  They are titled “History of Photography” and “Introduction to Typography”.  There is an article you first have to read and then at the end of the article there are questions you have to answer related to the article.  Click on the attachments below (they are both word documents).  Fill in your answers (use a difference colour for your answers like “red” so I clearly see your answers) and then when you finish, save the files for example so that they include your name (Eg. Bawa_History of Photography.doc).  You can save the assignments to your H: drive or a usb key for now and I will make a folder for your tomorrow when I return to hand them in.  Email me if you have any questions (abawa@office.ldcsb.on.ca).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

History of Photography

Introduction to Typography

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