MFM1P – Nov 3, 2014

I began the class today by handing back test #2 (Chapter 1 Measuring Objects & Figures) which the students wrote last week.  I then took up the answers to this test on the digital projector (I only took them up briefly but told the students I would be posting the answers to the test on this posting – see below).  After taking up the answers, I then told the students that we would be starting a new unit today which is chapter 3 Relationships in Geometry.  I then mentioned that we would be doing a new lesson today.  The title of this lesson was “3.1 Angles in Triangles”.  I first went over some key definitions and concepts before going over some examples.  After going over the examples, I then gave the students the students some questions to work on from the textbook for the remainder of the period (Pages 77 & 78 #2-4, 5c, 7 – 10).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

MFM1P Measurement of Objects & Figures Unit Test (Test #2) Answers

Nov 3 – Lesson – 3.1 Angles in Triangles

Electronic Copy of Homework Questions (this is the homework for section 3.1 – the students have to do #2-4, 5c, 7 – 10)

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