TEJ3M/4M – Oct 17, 2014


I began the class today by showing the students on the digital projector how to check to see what things they have handed in and what they haven’t.  I told the students that they can go to the hand-in folder at school, find my name (Bawa – TEJ3M/4M) and then go to the folder (either worksheets or assignments) to see what they are missing.  I have the students label their assignments by using their names so it is easy to track who has handed in what in the folders.  The students can check independently to see what things they have or haven’t handed in.

After going over this with the students, I then told the students that we would play some rebus puzzles before we started.  I didn’t have a chance over the last few weeks to do any rebus puzzles so I decided to start today off with some (I get the puzzles from the following site: http://www.puzzlesoup.com/ – click on puzzles on the top left hand side of the screen).  We did about 4 rounds before I moved on to the next activity.  I told the students at the beginning of the week that I wanted to show them a little bit of the documentary “Print the Legend” (see the Oct 14 blog posting for further details).  I documentary talking about 3D printers and some of the big companies involved with this technology.  I thought this would be a good video to show those students thinking of a career in the technology sector since this is something they would be seeing more of in the near future.  I gave the grade 12’s (TEJ3M) the option of either watching the documentary or continuing with their lego mindstorm “race bots”.  I gave the grade 11’s (TEJ3M) the option of finishing any outstanding work that they might have not handed in yet or have not yet completed.  We watched the documentary until the end of the period (Note: we only had a chance to watch part of the video in-class, the documentary is available for full viewing on Netflix).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Digital Nation Worksheet (This was due yesterday so if you did not complete this, please do so ASAP – TEJ3M students only)

Oct 8 – Resistance Example (I showed the students this example on Oct 8 – TEJ3M students only)

Oct 8 – Resistance Assignment (This was past due so if you did not complete this, please do so ASAP  – TEJ3M students only)

Lego NXT robots using NXC tutorial – Part 1 (this is the coding examples for the “Bricx Command Centre” software – The TEJ4M students only)

Race Car Bot Times (examples) (these are examples of the race bots my students completed in previous years and the times they received for 30 tiles – The TEJ4M students only)

BuildingWithLEGOs (there is some good information about various gear types and ratios in this presentation – The TEJ4M students only)

http://myweb.cwpost.liu.edu/magot/classes/csc/RobotFundamentals/downloads/gears_drivetrain.htm(this is the second resource for gear ratios – The TEJ4M students only)

http://www.slideshare.net/asrctw/gears-26575001 (this is the third resource for gear ratios – The TEJ4M students only)

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