MFM1P – Oct 2, 2014

I told the students that we would be continuing the lesson we had started yesterday titled “4.6 Percent as a Ratio (continued)” because we did not get to finish the lesson because we had the GST assembly period 5 (see the Oct 1 blog posting for further details).  I went over a number of examples to help the students see the different ways we can use percent as a ratio and how to solve various problems using percentages.  After going over the examples, I then assigned the homework for the students to work on (pages 137 & 138 #1 – 8).  Before I let the students work on the homework, I did a short review activity which the students on the digital projector.  We played “Ratio Jeopardy”.  I called 2 students up at a time and had them compete against each other to answer a question related to ratios and proportions.  After the activity, I then had the students work on their homework for the remainder of the period.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Oct 2 – Lesson – 4.6 Percent as a Ratio (continued)

Electronic Copy of Homework Questions (#1 – 11) (this is the homework for section 4.6 and I only assigned #1 – 8 for homework) (this is the ratios jeopardy game we played as a review activity in class today)

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