MFM1P – Sept 29, 2014

I began the class today by handing back the ratios quiz the students wrote last week (the students wrote this on Sept 23 which was a day I was away).  I briefly showed the students the answers to the quiz on Fri Sept 25, but today I went over it on the digital projector so they could compare it with their own quizzes.

After taking up the quiz, I then asked the students if they had any homework questions they wanted me to take up.  I then told them that I had posted the full solutions to the homework on the digital projector on the Sept 25 blog posting after a few students had emailed me about the homework.  I then took up the homework questions on the digital projector with the students.

After taking up the homework questions, I then talked to the students about a program which is funded by the government that is in place for students to get additional help with their math homework.  The program is called “Homework Help” and is an online tutoring site where students can get help with their homework or even just do extra practice.  I gave the students an overview of what the program is by showing them some presentations on the digital projector.  I then handed out a letter to parents and an instruction sheet telling the students how they can register.  I told the students that I would post any resources and handouts that I talked to them about today on this blog posting.

At the end of class I told the students there was NO homework for tonight and that we would be starting a new lesson tomorrow titled “4.5 Using Algebra to Solve a Problem”.  After tomorrow’s lesson, we have one more left in the unit which is titled “4.6 Percent as a Ratio”.  We will do a few days of review before the students have their unit test which will most likely be on Mon Oct 6.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Quiz #1 on Section 4.1 & 4.2 – Answers

Full solutions to the homework from Sept 25 (page 129 #1 – 6)


Below are resources I showed the students today in class related to the “Homework Help” program:

HH Letter to Parents Sept 2014 (students were given then handout to take home)

Homework_Help_Student_OEN_Information_Sheet (a personalized version of this sheet was given to each student containing their OEN number to register for the program)

HH Parent Student Presentation (I showed this presentation to the students in class)

HH Teacher Presentation (this is another presentation that I would show in class) (if you click on this link, it will take you to the site that has the “Ask a Tutor” demo showing how the site works)

Registration_Student_Version_2014 (these are registration instructions for the students)

Registration process (this shows the process of how to register step by step, I would show this when registering as a class in a computer lab)

Registration_Guardian_Teacher_Version_2014 (these are registration instructions for the parents and teachers)

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