MCF3M – Sept 22, 2014


I began the class today by mentioning to the students that I would be away from school tomorrow for a conference.  I then mentioned that they would be having a unit test on Thur Sept 25 covering all of the topics from Chapter 1.  I will be back on Wed Sept 24 to do some more review with the students before the test and answer any questions they may have.  They can also email me their questions as well (

After talking to the students about the unit test, I then handed back their marked functions assignment back to them (they wrote this about a week ago).  I took up the answers to the assignment on the digital projector (I will also post the answers below).  After taking up the answers, I told the students that I would be doing review of chapter 1 with them in class today.  I put questions up on the board and then the students tried them at their desks.  I went around and checked their solutions and then called students up to the board to put up their answers.  I then took up the answers with the students.  We did this for the remainder of the period.  I then gave the students a practice test, to help them study for their unit test.  This practice test is for homework (I will post the answers to this practice test below).  I will also be giving the students more practice tomorrow to help them review for the unit test while I am away.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

MCF3M – Functions Assignment Solutions (Assignment #1) (we took these up in class today after I handed them back)

Sept 22 – Lesson – Chapter 1 Test Review (I will do more review with the students like this when I return on Wed Sept 24)

Below is the practice test I gave the students today to work on in class.

First Practice Test Answers (Functions Chapter 1)

Below is another practice test which I didn’t give to students but has the solutions to them.  Students can print out this second practice test to try the questions as extra practice to study for the unit test.

Second Practice Test Answers (Functions Chapter 1) – Page 1

Second Practice Test Answers (Functions Chapter 1) – Page 2

Second Practice Test Answers (Functions Chapter 1) – Page 3

Second Practice Test Answers (Functions Chapter 1) – Page 4

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