MFM1P – Sept 19, 2014

Note: Students will NOT be allowed to take textbooks home with them.  I have posted the list of names and textbook numbers in the class.  I will also post the textbook list below as well so students can write their number down.

I began the class today by taking up the homework the students had for the last few days (please check the Sept 17 and Sept 18 blog postings).  After taking up the homework, I then did the lesson for today which was titled “4.2 Ratio and Proportion” from the textbook.  I did a few definitions to start the lesson and then did some examples before assigning the homework for the students to work on for the remainder of the period (pages 116 to 118 #1 – 12).  I will take up any homework questions the students have at the start of class on Mon Sept 22 or students can email me their questions directly.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Assigned Textbook List (MFM1P – Grade 9 Applied) (the students are responsible for the textbook they have been assigned)

Sept 19 – Lesson – 4.2 Ratio & Proportion

Electronic Copy of Homework Questions with Answers (#1 – 12) (students are to complete #1 – 12 for homework this weekend)

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