MCF3M – Sept 19, 2014

I began the class today by doing some puzzles at the start of the class.  These puzzles are called “rebus puzzles” which I will do on most Fridays (depending on how the week goes).  Here is a link to where I get most of the puzzles from that we do in class (  After doing the puzzles, I then told the students that I would be doing a lesson titled “1.7 Domain & Range of a Quadratic Function”.   I mentioned to the students that this was the 3rd time that I have done a lesson with section 1.7 because it shows up multiple times in this first unit.  I had already shown the students how to find the domain and range of a quadratic function using a graph, so today I wanted to show them how to find domain and range given the equation in vertex form and in standard form (for standard form, students need a graphing calculator).  I then assigned homework for the students to work on this weekend (pages 56 to 58 #1 – 8; page 69 #12 & 13).  I will take up any questions the students have on Monday or students can email me their questions (

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Sept 19 – Lesson – 1.7 Domain & Range of a Quadratic Function (continued) (this is a link to an online graphing calculator to help with the homework)

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