TEJ3M/4M – Sept 18, 2014

I began the class today putting up 4 warm up questions on the white board that the students were to try at their desks.  These 4 questions were reviewing the concepts we have been doing for the last few days (converting decimal to binary and vice versa and decimal to octal and vice versa).  I checked the answers of the students and once they were verified, I then took a picture of some of the students’ answers with the Ipad.  I then put up their answers on the digital projector and we took it up as a class.  After this warm up activity, I then moved on to the lesson for today which was titled “Hex to Decimal (and Vice Versa)”.  I began the lesson by talking to the students about what “hex numbers” were and then showed the students how to convert between decimal (base 10) and hex (base 16 numbers) and vice versa.  After the lesson, I then gave the students a worksheet to work on for the remainder of the period titled “Hex to Decimal & Decimal to Hex”.  I will take up this worksheet in class tomorrow but for those students that would like to check their answers I will post a copy of the answers below.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Warm-up Questions for Converting Binary, Decimal & Hex Numbers (I did this activity with the students at the start of the class)

Sept 18 – Lesson – Hex to Decimal (and vice versa)

Hex to Decimal & Decimal to Hex Conversions Worksheet

Hex to Decimal & Decimal to Hex Conversions Worksheet Answers

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