MFM1P – Sept 18, 2014

I am away from all of my period 5 class today (Sept 18), but will return back to school tomorrow (Sept 19). Please see the instructions below for today’s work.

1.)     You are to work on the package titled “Equivalent Ratios” that I have      left for you.   I will post the solutions for this package on today’s blog posting.  You will be called down for the Terry Fox assembly at around 2:10pm and you will be there until about 2:40pm.  When you go to the gym, the grade 9’s are to sit on the floor to the right and   grade 10’s are to sit on the floor to the left.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Grade 9 Applied Math Seating Plan (MFM1P)

Sept 18 – Terry Fox Assembly Schedule (Period 5 only)

Please Note:  The “Equivalent Ratios” package you were given today consists of a few different worksheets.  You will find the worksheet plus answers below.

Proportions Worksheet (the first part is answers “Yes” or “No” if the proportion is equivalent and the second part is finding the value of “x” that makes the ratios equivalent)

Equivalent Ratios Worksheet (fill in the blank) (students are to fill the correct answers in the blanks)

Equivalent Ratios Worksheet (T or F) (students are to say the if the ratios are equivalent by answering “True’ or “False”)

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