MCF3M – Sept 10, 2014

I began the class today by showing the students a few resources they can use to help them with the homework.  The first one I showed them was a virtual TI83 graphing calculator the students can use on their own computers at home or even on the computers at school (I put the software for this virtual calculator in the hand-out folder at school).  Students can bring in a usb key to school and can copy the calculator to take home.  Otherwise, here the link to where the students can download the software:

and also here is the link to a youtube video showing students how to download and load the software:

I also showed the students another online graphing calculator they can use to help them with their homework.  Here is the link to this online graphing calculator:

After showing the students these resources, I then took up the homework today.  The students asked me to take up page 64 #7 & 10.  I only had time to take up #7 in class, but told the students I would do the solution for #10 on my own time and would post it later today (it is now posted below).  After going over the homework, I then moved on to the lesson today which was titled “8).  I will take up any homework questions the students have at the start of tomorrow’s class.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Take up of the homework from Sept 9 (page 64 #7) (I did this in class)

Take-up of the homework from Sept 9 (page 65 #10) (I did not do this one in class, but told the students I would post this)

Sept 10 – Lesson – 1.2 Comparing Rates of Changes in Linear & Quadratic Functions

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